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13 Hacks To Lift Your Credit Score Before You Buy A Home

Buying your first home is an excellent decision. But you may want to improve your credit score now that you are putting the plan into action. When you apply for a loan,¬†you will want to be in the best financial position to get a good deal. The one thing that will disrupt your efforts most […]

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How Do I Establish Credit To Qualify For A Home Loan

History As Character Judgment You establish credit by building up a history of credit, use one transaction at a time. It is your recorded credit history. This will be used to judge whether you are reliable enough to finance a home loan and determines the interest rates that you will pay to do so. It […]

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Improving Your Credit Score: How to Improve your FICO Score

Improving your credit score is important if you are seeking a mortgage. If your FICO score is below 700, you could do with improving it to make sure you are offered the best interest rates. You can get a mortgage with a low credit score, but you will pay for it in interest and perhaps […]

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