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Prequalifying When You Still Have Outstanding Student Loans

It is a fact of modern life that if you have attended college in the last decade, you are likely to carry a debt from the effort. You might have ambitious plans about how you want to live your life and find that this debt is the greatest obstacle in your path. Specifically, how do […]

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Debt to Income Ratio Basics For Home Buyers

The Right Numbers To Make The Homeownership Team The process of purchasing your own home can seem like a major sporting event at times. If you have ever tracked baseball or football statistics then you have a little experience of what it is like to go through the application process and get pre-qualified and finally […]

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Qualifying For a Mortgage: Mortgage Qualification Factors

Most find qualifying for a mortgage easy, though there are mortgage qualification factors that can trip some people up. It is best to understand what these factors are, so that you can take steps to rectify any potential problems in advance of your mortgage application. In doing this, keep in mind that the mortgage business […]

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