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Why Don’t Realtors Do Appraisals Anymore?

The Competitive Market Analysis Why is it that the expression “appraisal” isn’t slung around by realtors the way that it used to be thirty years ago? Well, it turns out there’s a pretty solid reason. Appraisal has come to mean an official statement of price opinion. The alternative is the competitive market analysis given by […]

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Home Appraisal Basics: Who Needs An Appraisal?

When it comes down to the home appraisal basics what matters is the value that the lender will agree on as much as what the seller is willing to accept. This is because in many ways real estate sales are complicated transactions that involve large investments and the work of many interested parties. Home Appraisal […]

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How Do Comparable Sales Affect Your Appraisal?

The term comparable sales refers to the price of any similar land or property generated at this time compared to the potential market sale value of your property, it is the most commonly used appraisal method in residential real estate. The comparable sales are used to appraise the residential homes and properties in an area. Therefore, […]

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