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5 Tips To Finance Rental Units

Private investors often act as lenders to finance deals that provide reliable security on which to earn income and asset growth. This sector of real estate lending and investment is the least regulated, which is a good thing because you can get creative to add value in the deal; it also means that you need […]

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Will The Value Of My Home Drop Again?

Fear And Loathing In Homeownership There was a time when it was common knowledge that real estate only ever goes up in value. With the traumatic drop in prices in 2007-2009 it is pretty clear that this “fact” was utterly false. The truth is that real estate is like any other capital asset, it can […]

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Is Buying Investment Property A Sound Investment?

Buying investment property can be looked at from many perspectives. With the fashion of “flipping” houses, it’s difficult to know if the market is saturated with homes for sale. However, a deeper investigation will tell you whether it’s worth buying investment property. There are several business models that work for investment property. One is to […]

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Property Investment: Real Estate Investment in Your Portfolio

Property investment can be volatile, so should real estate investment be a component of your portfolio?  The problems of the sub-prime mortgage fiasco have never really disappeared, and we still hear of foreclosures, short sales, opportunities and lost dreams – so does real estate offer good investment potential or not? Here are some pros and […]

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